YSL Yves Saint Laurent 70s Enamel and Gilt Heart Cuff Bracelet

Item: #30746

Cafe au lait and blossom pink enamel hearts paired with gleaming gilt metal and bead that moves.

Signed YSLon cartouche inside bracelet.

Rare piece, don't miss out.

SIZE (in inches):f 3/8 inches across
Flower portion on top of bracelet: 2 3/4
Dangling part: 1 1/4

Circa: 1970s

Designer: Yves Saint Laurent


YSL Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Oval Ruby and Sapphire Glass Bracelet

Item: #30738

Exquisite wide oval bracelet featuring ruby and sapphire glass set into rich gilt metal.

Bracelet is hinged on both sides. Push-in closure.
This cuff bracelet is quite heavy.

Incise is incised: "YSL Made in France".

SIZE (in inches):
Diameter, inside: 2 1/4
Height: 1 1/4

All glass stones are accounted for. This bracelet is in excellent condition.

Circa: 1980s-90s

Designer: Yves Saint Laurent


YSL Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Pair of Limited Edition Hammered Gilt & Crystal Cuff Bracelets

Item: #30727

This pair is drop-dead gorgeous!

Hammered gilt metal cuff bracelets paired with bezel-set Swarovski faceted crystals.
Each cuff bracelet is part of a limited edition of 500.
Each cuff is signed in script: "Yves Saint Laurent" along with the limited edition number of 084/500 and 226/500.

Interior diameter: 2 3/8 inches
Height: 2 inches

Circa: 1970s

Materials: Gilt Metal, Swarovski Crystals

Designer: Yves Saint Laurent


YSL Yves Saint Laurent Pair Blue Art Glass Cuff Bracelets

Item: #30725

Vintage pair of YSL cuff bracelets made of matte textured silvertone metal and beautiful pieces of dichroic art glass.
These bracelets are quite heavy!
Incised "YSL" inside each.

Inside Diameter: 2 3/8 inches
Height: 1 1/8 to 3/4 inches

In very good vintage condition.

Circa: 1970s

Materials: Matte silvertone metal; blue dichroic art glass

Designer: Yves Saint Laurent


YSL Yves Saint Laurent "Russian Collection" Ornate Gilt Bracelets

Item: #30724

Beautiful pair of domed gilt cuff bracelets which have been ornately engraved.

Each bracelet cuff is incised: "YSL Made in France".
Bracelets open/close via hinge and rod.

Rare to find one, let alone a pair.

Interior Diameter: 2 1/4"
Width: 1 1/2"

Circa: 1970s-80s

Materials: Engraved Gilt Metal

Designer: Yves Saint Laurent


Vintage YSL Yves Saint Laurent 70s Pair of Lucite Bracelets

Item: #30722

A perfect match to the YSL necklace, clip-ons, and brooch, this pair of YSL stretch bracelets compliments the parure. Or wear on its own. Or, mix and match.

Lucite to resemble ivory. Faux amber stone. Brushed matte gold.
Elastic is strong.

2" across, interior (not stretched)
1 1/2 inches height.

In very good condition, this is a striking pair of cuff bracelets by Yves Saint Laurent!

Circa: 1970s

Materials: Lucite, Glass Cabochons, Matte Gilt

Designer: Yves Saint Laurent


Yves Saint Laurent Pair of Jeweled Cuff Bracelets

Item: #30721

Pair of vintage wide cuff bracelets by Yves Saint Laurent.
In hammered, bright silver tone metal.
Huge Star featuring Blue, Pink, and Mauve Crystals.
Incised inside: Yves Saint Laurent.

Cuffs can be adjusted slightly by using a little pressure.

There's also a matching necklace, a pendant, as well as drop earrings in this pattern. We will list these shortly.

One cuff is great. A pair gives you an incredible look! The combination of hammered silver tone metal provides an ideal background for the crystals, creating an effect that is difficult to describe but so wonderful!

Diameter: 2 1/4 inches
Height: 2 inches
In excellent condition

Circa: 1980s

Materials: Hammered silver metal, faceted glass crystals

Designer: Yves Saint Laurent


Vintage YSL Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche horn Cuff bracelet

Item: #30698

Vintage horn bracelet by Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche.
Interesting oval shape.
Engraved in script on outside: Yves Saint Laurent.
Plaque on inside reads: Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche.
In excellent condition

Dimensions: Diameter: 3 1/8 inches Height: 1 1/2 inches

Circa: 1980s-90s

Materials: Horn

Designer: Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche


Vintage JAY FEINBERG Strass and Silvertone Metal Large Link Bracelet

Item: #30692

Vintage 80s JAY FEINBERG Strass and Silvertone Metal Large Link Bracelet

Jay Feinberg, now known as Jay Strongwater, created interesting jewelry during the 80s. Please see his strass leaf pin that I have listed! It would work well with this bracelet.

Large silver tone metal link bracelet encrusted with many rhinestones. Larger diamante stones on the connecting pieces.

If you like bling, this is it!

Foldover clasp.
Bracelet is incised on back twice: Jay Feinberg.

In excellent condition. Can you say glamor?
P.S. Photos don't do this bracelet justice. It's gorgeous in the evening!

SIZE (in inches):
Total Length: 8 1/4
Width of each link: 1 3/8

Circa: 1980s

Materials: Silvertone Metal, Rhinestones

Designer: Jay Feinberg


Vintage 14 Karat Yellow Gold Double Link Bracelet with Safety Catch

Item: #30690

This was the first piece of jewelry my husband bought for me! I planned on putting the few charms I had and then buy more but never did. Actually, this bracelet does not need charms. It looks gorgeous all on its own.
Very gently worn, this bracelet is in excellent condition.
Incised "14K" and "Italy".
Push closure. Safety Catch

Total Length: 7 1/4 inches
Width: 3/8 inches wide

Circa: 1980s

Materials: 14 karat yellow gold

Designer: Made in Italy


Vintage YSL Yves Saint Laurent Pair of Pierced Cuff Bracelets

Item: #30688

This pair is so beautiful. Once you wear a pair of YSL bracelets you will never go back to wearing just a single one!

Vintage YSL Cuff Bracelet made of pierced antiqued brass or bronzed metal and adorned with sparkling faux aquamarine and rose quartz cabochons.

Incised "YSL" on interior of each cuff bracelet.

In excellent condition.

Diameter: 2 1/2 inches across
Height: 1 3/4 inches

Circa: 1970s-1980s

Materials: Antiqued Metal, faux Cabochons

Designer: Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche


Vintage MONET Trio Wide Lucite Saucer-style Bracelets

Item: #30687

Three thick, wide bracelets by Monet from a much coveted/collected 80s collection.
In a beautiful lucite.
One of the bracelets has a band of rhinestones.
Each bracelet bears "Monet" plaque as shown in one of the photos.
One bracelet is a shade darker than the rest.
All are in excellent condition.

Monet Directives was a line of jewelry produced in 1984, but only for a short time.

SIZE, in inches
Interior, across: 2 1/2
Width:1 1/4


Circa: 1984

Materials: Lucite, Rhinestones

Designer: Monet


Vintage 70s Black Enamel and Herringbone Gilt Striped Bracelet

Item: #30678

Slight oval-shaped vintage bracelet by Yves Saint Laurent, in black enamel alternating with bands of herringbone gilt metal and thin slanted gilt lines.
Push closure.
Signed: "YSL" on cartouche on the interior of the bracelet.

In excellent condition.

Oval diameter: 2 on smaller part; 2 1/4 inches on wider part
Width: 5/8 inches

Circa: 1970s

Materials: Black Enamel

Designer: Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche


YSL Rive Gauche Pair of Gilt Hammered Cuff Bracelets

Item: #30626

Two YSL bracelets are better than one, especially a matching pair that, when worn together looks smashing.
These are substantial cuff bracelets, in rich gilt, hammered. Each bears the rive gauche plaque inside.

In excellent condition!

Circa: 1980s-90s

Materials: Hammered Gilt Metal

Designer: Yves Saint Laurent rive Gauche


YSL Yves Saint Laurent Enamel Charm Bracelet Made in France

Item: #30585

Gold-plated link bracelet with four enamel and gold-tone charms. Each charm is a different color.
Toggle closure. Slightly adjustable.
Signed: Yves Saint Laurent as well as Made in France.
Bracelet feels substantial!
l 1/2 inches long
Each charm 1 inch tall and 3/4 inches wide.

In excellent condition, this is a gorgeous, timeless piece of jewelry.

Materials: Gilt Metal


MONET Vintage 50s Wide Bracelet

Item: #30579

Vintage 50s bracelet my Monet, featuring a mod design in the middle bordered by chain top and bottom.
Bracelet closes via clasp. Attached safety chain.

Marked Monet on clasp as well as on the small rectangular plaque.

This bracelet fits a small wrist; please see measurements below.
It's quite heavy.

Bracelet, being triple plated, there is only a little plate loss around the chain part of the bracelet.
Diameter: 2 1/8 inches
Height: 1 3/4 inches

In very good vintage condition.

Materials: Triple plated metal


Vintage Clear Crystal Headlight Clamper Bracelet

Item: #30565

Vintage Headlight Clamper Cuff Bracelet

In your face huge 1 1/4 inch square faceted clear acrylic crystal, set in rich gold-tone metal.

This is a clamper bracelet which means putting it on/taking it off will be a breeze thanks to a strong spring on one side of the bracelet.

Maker unknown.

In near new condition; I see no wear, this is a very unusual piece.
You will love it!

SIZE (in inches):f 3/8 diameterf 3/8 overall height

Materials: Goldtone Metal Accents


Vintage DOMINIQUE AURIENTIS Hammered Goldtone Cuff with Turtles and other Sea Critters

Item: #30564

Vintage DOMINIQUE AURIENTIS Hammered Goldtone Cuff with Sea Critters

This is a heavy cuff, in hammered gilt metal featuring tiny sea creatures including turtles
Fits a medium + wrist. Please see measurements below.

On interior cartouche is marked: Dominique Aurientis Paris.

The camera insists on showing silver; however, this cuff is gold-tone, and in excellent condition.

SIZE in inches:
Interior Diameter: 2 3/4
Width: 1 7/8

Materials: Hammered Gilt Metal


Vintage YSL Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche Gilt Bracelet

Item: #30550

Vintage YSL rive gauche wide gilt bracelet consisting of links and large and small balls.
Back of bracelet is smooth.
Signed on attached cartouche below clasp.

Total Length: 7 inches
Width: 2 1/2 inches

Substantial feel.

Unique YSL bracelet, in very good condition.

Materials: Gilt Metal


Vintage 60s PIERRE CARDIN Brushed Gold Square Clamper Cuff Bracelet with white Lucite Squares MOD

Item: #30515

60s PIERRE CARDIN Brushed Gold Square Clamper Cuff Bracelet with white Lucite Squares MOD

In a square shape, with rounded corners, this vintage cuff bracelet features brushed matte gold throughout except for a small portion showcasing a pair of white lucite squares. Here the metal is shiny gold. It's very subtle but adds to the allure of this piece.

Easy to put on/take off thanks to a clamper mechanism.
Bracelet has a nice, heavy feel to it.

Incised: PIERRE CARDIN on the inside rim. Please see the last photo.

In very good condition.

MEASUREMENTS (in inches)f 3/4 on the outsidef 3/8 interior, acrossg/4 widest part

Materials: Brushed matte and shiny goldtone metal


Vintage LES BERNARD Friendship Bracelet, 1972 Rare! Sz Small

Item: #30514

This lovely friendship bracelet is dated 1972.
When you pull on the hands the bracelet opens up in three individual rings. The middle ring reveals a heart and the following engraving, in Spanish: No Tengo Mas Que Darte which translates: I have nothing left to give you but my heart.

Bracelet is gold-tone metal and oval-shaped. It is engraved: Les Bernard and @1972.
f 1/2 inches longf 1/8 inches tall
Please note this bracelet works best for a small hand.

Rare, and a treasure for a small wrist!

Materials: Brass or goldtone metal


Vintage YSL Yves Saint Laurent Clear faceted Swarovski Crystal bracelet

Item: #30492

The perfect companion to the vintage Yves Saint Laurent faceted Swarovski crystal choker necklace (please see photos).
Five strands of faceted round crystals connected with gilt metal.

In excellent condition, please note the ornate clasp!

SIZE (in inches):
Length: 7 7/8
Width of five strands: about 2

Please note that choker necklace is not part of this listing but available separately.

Materials: Swarovski Crystals


FIORUCCI Vintage Resin Cuff Italy

Item: #30451

Vintage 80s FIORUCCI Resin Cuff

A perfect match to the earrings, this resin cuff is from the 80s.
Fits a small wrist.

Kelly-green fish-bone on creamy white background.
Purple interior.
Incised "Fooricci" on outside of cuff.

In excellent condition.
f 1/4 inches diameter at widest point.
Opening: 3/4 inchesf 1/2 inches outside, at widest point

Matching earrings for pierced ears are also available.

Materials: Resin


Vintage NETTIE ROSENSTEIN Sterling Silver Circles Bracelet

Item: #30448

Vintage Sterling Silver bracelet by Nettie Rosenstein consisting of textured overlapping circles.

Fits a small wrist!, but you could have a jeweler add a small extender to accommodate a larger wrist.
Toggle closure.

Incised on back: "Sterling Nettie Rosenstein".

SIZE (in inches):
Length: 7 5/8
Width: Ranging from 1 1/2 to 7/8 and 5/8

Materials: Sterling Silver


Vintage YSL Yves Saint Laurent Goossens Gilt and resin cabochons Bracelet

Item: #30439

Vintage YSL Yves Saint Laurent/Goossens Charm Bracelet

Lovely vintage bracelet from the 80s by Robert Goossens for Yves Saint Laurent.

Orange and apple-red resin cabochons interspersed with gilt spiral rounds.

Clasp is engraved "YSL" on one side; "Made in France" on the other.

Total Length: 8 1/4 inches

In very good condition

Materials: Resin Cabochons


Vintage YSL Yves Saint Laurent 3-tone Lucite Disk Bracelet

Item: #30437

Vintage YSL 3-tone Lucite Disk Bracelet

This cool bracelet would fit a medium to large wrist; it feels quite substantial!

Overlapping circles in vanilla, chocolate, and brushed gold. Probably made of Lucite.

Elastic is strong and original to the bracelet.
Incised: "YSL".

f 1/2 inches across interior
Circles are 1 5/8 inches in size.

I cannot detect any wear on this bracelet; definitely In better than excellent condition.

Matching necklace and earrings are also available.

Materials: Lucite Rounds


Vintage Haute Couture Scemama for YVES SAINT LAURENT Enamel Bracelet

Item: #30436

Vintage Enamel Haute Couture Bracelet by Scemama for Yves Saint Laurent

Oval shaped cuff bracelet in beautiful enamel of burgundy, dark navy, lime green, and forest green, outlined in gilt with top or bottom outlined in burgundy, the other in dark green.
Set into gilt metal; individual enamel sections outlined in gilt metal.
Cartouche on interior of cuff bracelets reads: "YSL".

While not wide, this vintage bracelet is extremely eye-catching. You will want to wear it time and again. There is a matching pair of clip-on earrings as well as choker necklace, both of which I will list shortly.

The enamel is not damaged. This bracelet is in near mint condition.

I have photographed the Scemama/YSL bracelet with a recent Hermes enamel bracelet which is not part of this listing. Ideally, you will want to wear the Scemama/YSL by itself. If only to let it shine without competition and to also protect the enamel.

Size (in inches):
Diameter across interior: 2 1/4
Width: 7/8

Matching choker and clip earrings are available as well.

Materials: Enamel


Vinage YSL Yves Saint Laurent Gilt Medallion and Diamante Bracelet

Item: #30432

Vintage YSL YVES SAINT LAUREN Gilt Medallion and Diamante Bracelet

In near new condition, a vintage scroll medallion bracelet in rich gilt along with sparkling aquamarine and emerald green Diamante in tear-drop, round, and oblong shapes.

Toggle Closure.

Inside in back: "YSL".

Total Length: 8 1/4
Size of medallions: 1 3/8

Matching drop earrings are also available.

Materials: Gilt Metal


Vintage Goossens for YSL Yves Saint Laurent Gilt Medallion Bracelet with Green Resin Stone

Item: #30431

An exact companion to the Goossens/YSL Choker, this vintage bracelet fits a small wrist.
Like the choker it has hinges on either side which will let you open/close the bracelet. Beautiful on. Please see photo.

Incised on back of medallion: YSL Made in France.

Diameter, measured on the inside: a little over 2 1/8 but not quite 2 1/4 inches.
Medallion: 1 7/8 inches across

In excellent vintage condition.

One of the photos features the bracelet with the choker. The matching choker is available for purchase

Materials: Gilt Metal


CINER Alligator Textured Leather & Metal Cuff Bracelet

Item: #30419

CINER Mock Alligator & Metal Cuff Bracelet

Gorgeous bracelet by CINER, in expresso brown leather made to look like alligator and gold tone metal grommets. Substantial feel, this bracelet oozes quality and style!
Signed twice on the inside.
f 1/8 inches across (inner side)
A little over 2 1/2 inches (ousted)i/8 inches wide

A little plating loss next to the hinge and one or two small areas across rim. Does not take away from the beauty of this piece!

Materials: Leather


Magnificent Pair of Limited Edition YSL Yves Saint Laurent Gripoix Cuff Bracelets

Item: #30383

Magnificent Pair of Limited Edition YSL Yves Saint Laurent Gripoix Cuff Bracelets

Not one but a pair of magnificent massive Gripoix cuffs, by Yves Saint Laurent.
Part of a Limited Edition of 500, each cuff is numbered and signed in script "Yves Saint Laurent".

The faux cabochons, in royal colors of jade green, amethyst, sapphire blue, along with creamy white faux pearls look stunning set into the rich gilt metal.
Both cuffs are exactly alike, except for the number of the limited edition.

They are exquisite!
In excellent condition.

SIZE (in inches):
Diameter: 2 1/4
.Other cuff: 2 3/8
Height of each cuff: 1 7/8

Materials: Gilt Metal


Vintage YSL Yves Saint Laurent Ivory Lucite Bangles/Bracelets, Pair

Item: #30379

Vintage YSL Yves Saint Laurent Pair of Wide, Ivory-colored Lucite Bangles

Fabulous pair of sculpted bangles in ivory-colored lucite.
By Yves Saint Laurent.

These bangles look and feel substantial.
They also provide a polished look that only a pair of identical bracelets can give you.

A tiny rectangular plaque on the rim of each bracelet is incised: YSL.
This pair is in excellent condition.
f 5/8 inches diameter across interior
Second bracelet is a hair narrower.
Height: about 1 3/4 inches.

Materials: Lucite or Resin


Vintage 80s YVES SAINT LAURENT Sterling Bangle with Swarovski Crystals

Item: #30339

Vintage YVES SAINT LAURENT Sterling and Blue Crystal Bangle

It's not often one comes across a Sterling jewelry piece by YSL, but here we have a lovely Sterling bangle with inset faceted Swarovski crystals in a pretty light blue.

Inside of bangle is marked, as follows:
"Made in France"
Then there are two tiny imprints which even with a magnifying glass I cannot bring into focus. These have to be the numbers for Sterling Silver.

Fits a small hand, please see size below.

Substantial feel, in very good vintage condition, with all stones accounted for.

SIZE (in inches):
Diameter (measured from the inside): 2 3/8
Width of bangle: 3/8

Please note that YSL silver-plated heart is not part of this listing. You can purchase it:

Materials: Sterling Silver


Vintage YVES SAINT LAURENT Goossens Mesh Bracelet with Blue Crystals

Item: #30338

Vintage Goossens for YVES SAINT LAUREN Mesh Bracelet with Blue Crystals

Exquisite bracelet by Goossens for Yves Saint Laurent.
Gilt mesh paired with shimmery blue faceted faux stones.
Toggle closure.

Hearts are engraved: "Yves Saint Laurent".
Also engraved: YSL Made in France; H5; also engraved on the toggle portion.

Length: 8 1/4 inches
Width: i inch
Square in middle: 1 1/2

Exquisite! In excellent condition.

Materials: Gilt Mesh


Vintage DELILLO Salmon colored Enamel and Gilt wide Bracelet

Item: #30326

Vintage DELILLO Salmon Enamel Wide Bracelet

Wide salmon colored enamel and gilt metal wide bracelet.
By deLillo.
Safety chain.

This bracelet, including the enamel, is in excellent condition.

A little over 2 1/4 inches diameter.
Bracelet measures a little over 1 3/8 inches wide.

Materials: Enamel


Vintage 80s DOMINIQUE AURIENTIS Ebony Bangle with grape motif design

Item: #30318

Mid-eighties bangle by Dominque Aurientis.
This bangle feels substantial!
Smooth polished wood appears to be an exotic wood, perhaps teak or zebra wood?
Gold-plated grape motif.
Signed on cartouche: "Dominque Aurientis Paris".

Size measured across inside of bangle: 2 3/8 inches.

Materials: Wood and Gilt Metal


NETTIE ROSENSTEIN 50s Sterling Vermeil Cuff Bracelet

Item: #30303


Magnificent vermeil cuff bracelet by Nettie Rosenstein.
From the 40s/50s.

Marked: Sterling Nettie Rosenstein.

Substantial feel!

In excellent condition, it's absolutely beautiful on the wrist!

Materials: Gold Plated Sterling Silver


GIVENCHY Vintage Three Strand Pearl Bracelet

Item: #30283

Vintage bracelet by Givenchy, featuring three strands of hand-knotted faux? freshwater pearls and closing with a lovely rich gold-tone clasp in the shape of a rose.

Back of clasp is signed Givenchy.

No issues whatsoever. It's lovely!

Total length: 7 15/16 inches
Clasp measures 1 inch.

Materials: Pearl


PIERRE CARDIN Vintage 60s Sterling and Onyx Cuff MOD Space Age

Item: #30268

intage PIERRE CARDIN Sterling and Black Onyx Cuff Bracelet

For a small wrist and designed to be worn open, this cuff bracelet is by Pierre Cardin.
In Sterling Silver and Black Onyx.

Cuff is not adjustable.

Engraved: "Pierre Cardin Sterling".

From the 60s.
i 5/8 inches measured on the outside. Includes oval pieces with Onyx inset.
Sterling and Onyx oval measures 1 1/8 inches tall/ 3/4 inches across.
Sterling Ban is 1/4 inch wide.

In very good vintage condition.

Materials: Sterling Silver


Vintage YSL Goossens for Yves Saint Laurent Nuggest Bracelet

Item: #30266

By Goossens for Yves Saint Laurent, amber resin nuggets and silvertone metal bracelet.
Closes with an S hook.
By Robert Goossens for Yves Saint Laurent.
Incised: Yves Saint Laurent.
In good vintage condition.

Length: 9 1/2 inches (adjustable)
Each nugget: 1 1/8 inch long x 1 inch across

Materials: Silvertone Metal


Vintage YSL Yves Saint Laurent Twisted Gilt Cuff Bracelet

Item: #30234

From the 70s/80s, a most unusual bracelet from Yves Saint Laurent: twisted gilt metal. Just gorgeous. Incised inside: YSL Made in France.

In very good condition.

Now to the fine print: Wrist-size does not count here. You need to measure across the widest part of your hand including the thumb, just as you would when buying gloves.
While the diameter of this bracelets is 2 1/8 inches, you need a very slender hand to pull this bracelet over your hand and onto the wrist.
For example, if your hand measures 8 1/2 inches, this bracelet will not work for you (it won't fit over your knuckles). Your hand needs to be much smaller.

It's a beautiful couture piece, for the right hand!
1/8" diameter


Vintage 50s 60s Coral Hinged Cuff Bracelet by JOSEPH MAZER

Item: #30227

50s 60s Coral Hinged Cuff Bracelet by JOSEPH MAZER

Beautiful vintage hinged cuff bracelet, signed Joseph Mazer, featuring faux coral beads and gold-tone metal. Textured gold-tone metal. Each coral stone is surrounded by an oval loop of gold-tone braided metal, with space inbetween the next, allowing your skin to peak through.

Bracelet is also adorned with a small clear crystal. Engraved Joseph Mazer. All stones present. A little bit of wear to the gold-tone metal, around the hinge-area on the inside of the bracelet. Otherwise in excellent condition.

A beautiful and very collectible piece that will also be spot-on this season as coral, orange, and every shade inbetween are in this spring.

Fits a small wrist. 1/4 inch interior 2 inch wide.

Materials: Faux Coral Stones


Vintage MONET All That Jazz Collection Signed Blue and Coppertone Metallic Cuff Bracelet

Item: #30198

Vintage MONET All That Jazz Collection Signed Blue and Coppertone Metallic Cuff Bracelet

Heavy cuff bracelet by Monet, from their 1985 "All that Jazz Collection".
Pale blue and copper tone metal.

Incised "Monet".

In excellent vintage condition.

Fits a small wrist:f 3/8 inches diameterf 1/4 inches at widest point

Materials: Metallic blue and copper tone metal


Vintage YSL Yves Saint Laurent African inspired Wood & Coin Bracelet

Item: #30176

Vintage YSL Yves Saint Laurent African style Wood Bead and Coin Bracelet

African inspired, this beautiful bracelet is made of natural and red beads, faux amber and carnelian spacer beads, and goldtone coins which also serve as spacers.
Each side of closure is adorned with five faux amber cabochons.

Hangtag: Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche. Made in France

In excellent condition.

Total Length including clasp: 8 1/4 inches
Width: approximately 3 inches

Materials: Wooden Beads


Vintage LES BERNARD Inc Seashell and Coral Charm Bracelet

Item: #30158

Vintage LES BERNARD, Inc. Seashell and Coral Charm Bracelet

Just right for summer, a gorgeous vintage charm bracelet featuring sand dollars, nautilus, starfish, conch, and coral. I don't know whether any of the cabochons or the coral are genuine though Les Bernard has been known to include genuine stones in some of their creations.

Brushed metal links.
Large lobster clasp.
In excellent condition.

MEASUREMENTS (in inches):
Total Length: 7 7/8
Conch-shell: 2 1/4 long
Largest sand-dollar: 1 5/8 across

Please email for international shipping.

Materials: Gilt Metal


GIVENCHY Vintage 60s Rare Silver and Gilt Mesh Cuff Bracelet Medium

Item: #30154

Vintage GIVENCHY Silver and Gilt Mesh Cuff Bracelet Medium

Sculpted cuff in silver-plate and gold-tone mesh metal insert.
This cuff is quite heavy.

Cuff is not adjustable. It its slightly too large for a small wrist but fits a medium/larger wrist. Please check measurements below.

"Givenchy" on cartouche inside cuff.

Condition commensurate with gentle wear.

SIZE (in inches):
A hair shy of 2 1/4 inches inside.
Nearly 1 3/4 inches tall

Materials: Silverplate


YSL Yves Saint Laurent 70s Pair of Matching Coin Bracelets Documented! Rare!

Item: #30153

"From Coco Chanel to Diana Vreeland wearing matching cuffs has always been a statement of stylish women. Like armor worn on the wrists, the double cuff exudes power, it's more chic and more expensive looking." From Decades Inc, May 21, 2013.

Third photo featuring a coin bracelet such like the pair on sale here on model wearing an early YSL outfit.

By Yves Saint Laurent, ca. 1977.

Difficult to find one, let alone a pair, don't miss out!

Antiqued brass cuff bracelets featuring coins.
From the 70s, by Yves Saint Laurent.

Signed YSL on cartouche inside each bracelet.

In very good condition. One of the cuffs is a little misshapen; please see last photo.
Fits a smaller wrist.

Size: f 1/2 inches acrossg/4 inches tall
Largest coin: 1 1/4 inches across

Layaway available.

Materials: Metal possibly brass


YSL Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Jeweled Hearts and Clover Bracelet France

Item: #30149

Poured resin, crystal, and gilt metal make up this lovely bracelet by Yves Saint Laurent.
Marked: Yves Saint Laurent as well as Made in France and A2.
In excellent condition.

Materials: Gilt Metal


Vintage YSL Yves Saint Laurent Heart, Stars, and YSL Gilt Bracelet

Item: #30146

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent gilt bracelet featuring a heart, star, and Y, S, and L.
Incised: YSL as well as Made in France.

In very good vintage condition.

Total Length: 8 1/4 inches
Width: about 1/4 inch.

Materials: Gilt Metal


Yves Saint Laurent YSL Blue and Green Stones Bracelet

Item: #30142

This bracelet features green and blue faceted crystals set in gleaming gold-plated metal. Incised YSL twice.

Total Length: 8 1/2 inches
Faceted crystals piece: 1 1/8 inch wide

In excellent condition.

Materials: Faceted crystals


Vintage YSL Yves Saint Laurent Serpent Clamper Bracelet Rare!

Item: #30123

A perfect companion to the vintage YSL Snake Choker, this is a clamper bracelet. Very rate!
From YSL.??s.
Easy to wear clamper mechanism.

Gilt metal paired with enamel tiles.
Some of the metal has worn; not all tiles are present. None of it readily visible. It's a rare piece, especially when it can be combined with a matching snake choker! Snake Choker is shown in second photo. It is available separately.

Interior diameter is 2 1/8 inches.

Matching Choker Necklace also available.

Materials: Goldtone Metal


Vintage YSL SCEMAMA for Yves Saint Laurent heavily textured Cabochon Bracelet Small

Item: #30122

Very rare 60s Scemama for Yves Saint Laurent heavy textured gilt metal link bracelet with faux green and blue cabochons.
Incised on closure with the large YSL.

In excellent condition.

This bracelet fits a small wrist only. Please compare the measurements below:
Total Length: 7 1/4 inches
Height: 7/8 inches

A rare and very beautiful early piece of YSL jewelry. Don't miss out!

Materials: Textured Gilt Metal Links


Yves Saint Laurent YSL Carved Lucite Bangle

Item: #30112

Fabulous YSL sculpted bangle in Lucite simulating carved wood.
Signed YSL on tiny gold-tone plaque situated on the rim of the bangle.
From the 70s.

Measurements:f 1/2 inches insidee 7/8 inches tall
Quite heavy

A statement piece!

Matching wooden bead and lucite necklace also available in my store.

Materials: Lucite to simulate wood


YSL Yves Saint Laurent 70s Couture Gilt Seashells and Rope Charm Bracelet

Item: #3081

From the early 70s a beautiful seashell bracelet.
By Yves Saint Laurent.
Gilt Metal Seashells and natural twisted rope.
Hook closure covered with a small shell.
A little verdigris where shells touch rope.
This bracelet is quite weighty.
Incised "YSL" on the back of tone of the seashells.

Dimensions: 7 3/8 inches total length

Circa: 1970s

Materials: Twisted Rope and gilt seashells

Designer: Yves Saint Laurent


Vintage YSL Yves Saint Laurent Carved Lucite Bangle

Item: #3018

Fabulous wide Yves Saint Laurent sculpted bangle in Lucite, simulating carved ivory.
Marked YSL on a tiny gold-tone plaque.
Late 70s or early 80s.
Excellent condition.

Dimensions: Width: 7/8 Inside-Diameter: 2 5/8 Thickness: 3/8

Circa: 1970s-1980s

Materials: Carved Lucite

Designer: Yves Saint Laurent